This provides facilities for launching URLs and configuring the applications used to launch them.


The basic install procedure is:

Make sure you have installed the required dependencies first.

Zero Install

ZeroInstall is a way of running programs without the need to install them. If you are a user of ZeroInstall then you can run Launch via when using the injector.



Version Release date Size Changes
0.1.0 Wed 26th May 2004 20K First version.
0.1.1 Mon 31st May 2004 20K Can read URL from standard in when argument is '-'.
0.1.2 Thu 24th June 2004 14K Added icon. Added handler for mailto:.
0.1.3 26th August 2004 Generic scheme handling via the new varlist option widget.
0.1.4 Sat 7th May 2005 15K Use $BROWSER for default http handler. Use varlist option widget from ROX-Lib2.
0.3.0 Sat 9th December 2006 18K Major re-write to use and set the new shared URI handling system.
0.3.1 Fri 29th December 2006 20K Improved UI, ensure initial http handler, help button, many bugfixes.
0.3.2 Fri 6th July 2007 20K Fixed bug setting handler when existing handler is a broken link.


Stephen Watson