This program acts as a download handler for ROX-Filer, fetching files dropped from web browsers.


To set it up install it to a suitable place, such as ~/Apps. Then in ROX-Filer Options enter the path to the AppRun file in "Drag & Drop=>Download handler"

Make sure you have installed the required dependencies first.

Optionally you can also install DownloadManager to allow multiple instances of Fetch to co-operate.

Zero Install

ZeroInstall is a way of running programs without the need to install them. If you are a user of ZeroInstall then you can run Fetch via http://www.kerofin.demon.co.uk/2005/interfaces/Fetch when using the injector.



Version Release date Size Changes
0.0.1 5th June 2004 20K First release.
0.0.2 24th June 2004 17K More informative display. Prompt for and store passwords.
0.0.3 26th June 2004 17K Fix bug in password lookup.
0.0.4 5th August 2004 17K Better code for reading the socket, less chance of blocking.
0.0.5 25th September 2004 18K More work on preventing blocking.
0.0.6 22nd November 2004 19K Display the icon for the file type, if we can. Backend fetcher now just attempts to fetch a full buffer. GUI can warn if backend stalled. Fetch to temporary file, renamed when fetch complete. Added Bytes fetched to display. Added comments on local and server type not matching.
0.1.0 23rd January 2005 Fixed bug where last part of download could appear to stall. Can use DownloadManager.
0.1.1 7th May 2005 Require ROX-Lib 2.0.0. Use toplevel_ref() instead of main_loop(). Standardized options (added app menu entry). Shorter delays when connecting. Updated dclient.py. Take care when filename has no '.' in it. Use the signal sent by DownloadManager when a slot becomes available. Be compatible with pygtk 2.4.
0.1.2 8th October 2005 22K Switch to XDG choices. Remove some dead code. Extra error checks. Track down stray ChildKill. Changed layout of window slightly. Reduce redundant updates of the display and title (4* speed increase in my connection slowed my desktop down!).
0.1.3 16th November 2005 23K Update of window title now optional.
0.2.0 26th November 2005 23K Stable release (unchanged since 0.1.3).
0.3.0 14th January 2006 23K Added suport for DBUS 0.3x and later when communicating with DownloadManager.
0.3.1 17th February 2006 24K Fix problems relating to cancelling fetches. Increase maximum buffer size. Added install section on options, to help those that are expecting it to do something when run.
0.3.2 13th January 2007 26K Added i18n support. Can set the user.xdg.origin.url extended attribute on downloaded files. Can override waiting for DownloadManager to OK start. Use rox.basedir instead of rox.choices.
0.3.3 5th May 2008 29K Recognize application/octet-stream as a type servers return for an unknown type. Better description of types. Setting type when server disagrees now an option. Moved option handling into options.py. Re-enable the use of bytes_ready() to avoid blocking. Added extra buttons, which change. Support version 2 of the DownloadManager protocol. Added a password editing window. More readable formatting of byte sizes. Catch more exceptions. Now using rox.tasks module. Change suffix from .fetching to .part (same as Firefox).


Stephen Watson webmaster@kerofin.demon.co.uk