This program acts as a download manager for Fetch (and possibly other programs), limiting the number of instances of Fetch that will be downloading at any one time.


The basic install procedure is:

Make sure you have installed the required dependencies first.

You should then configure Fetch to use DownloadManager.

To be of most use you should also run DownloadManager automatically on desktop start up.

Zero Install

ZeroInstall is a way of running programs without the need to install them. If you are a user of ZeroInstall then you can run DownloadManager via when using the injector.



Version Release date Size Changes
0.0.1 23rd January 2005 13K First release.
0.0.2 7th May 2005 18K Added options. Use Fetch's icon. Emit signal when slot becomes available.
0.0.3 8th October 2005 18K Switch over to XDG choices.
0.0.4 16th November 2005 20K Added applet mode.
0.1.0 14th January 2006 Added support for DBUS 0.3x and later.
0.1.1 14th January 2006 21K Added missing files.
0.1.2 17th February 2006 21K Implementation of slot_available signal was missing under new DBus interface.
0.1.3 13th January 2007 23K Added i18n support. Panel icon shows progress bars when downloads in progress.
0.1.4 5th May 2008 23K Add version 2 of the protocol. Avoid KeyError when a client cancels before registering. Update client to use dbus.set_default_main_loop.


Stephen Watson