This is a panel clock, with support for setting alarms. It can also function in its own window.

Screen shot of Clock


The basic install procedure is:

Make sure you have installed the required dependencies first.

Zero Install

ZeroInstall is a way of running programs without the need to install them. If you are a user of ZeroInstall then you can run Clock via when using the injector.



Version Release date Size Changes
1.2.0 Mon 04th March 2002 Stable release.
1.2.1 Mon 04th March 2002 Fix potential problem with rox_run.
1.3.0 Mon 25th March 2002 Use SOAP server to manage multiple windows.
1.3.1 Fri 12th April 2002 another try at fixing time zone changes.
1.3.2 Mon 29th April 2002 use revised applet menu positioning code.
1.3.3 Sat 24th August 2002 fix libxml2 compilation problem.
1.4.0 Sat 7th December 2002 Stable version (unchanged from 1.3.3).
1.4.1 Sat 14th December 2002 Fix for being installed in paths with spaces in.
1.5.0 16th April 2003 conversion to new options system, switched to Pango fonts, new option to not show clock face (requested by Klaus Umbach).
1.5.1 Fri 27th June 2003 Conversion to new options system, switched to Pango fonts. New option to not show clock face (requested by Klaus Umbach).
1.5.2 15 September 2003 Italian translation of AppInfo provided by Yuri Bongiorno. Safer way to parse ROX-CLib's version number by Christopher Arndt.
2.0.0 Sat 14th February 2004 70K Stable release for ROX-CLib 2.0.0.
2.1.0 Mon 17th May 2004 70K Get rid of some legacy code. Use ROX-CLib 2.1.0, including aclocal.m4. Stock icons in the menu. Open options dialog from command line.
2.1.1 Thu 5th August 2004 70K Draw clock face at higher resolution. Less flicker when clock face bigger. Numbers on clock face scale with face size. Change to new libdir compilation system.
2.1.2 Thu 5th August 2004 70K Fix error compiling alarm.c
2.1.3 Thu 19th August 2004 67K React to change of font. Icon to indicate if alarms are set.
2.1.4 Mon 22nd November 2004 67K Set name on digital readout widget so it can be themed. Use $MAKE instead of make when building. Window counting now handled by ROX-CLib. Use new rox_choices_load/save() interface. Switch to rox_info_win.
2.1.5 Sat 7th May 2005 69K Fix bug creating alarm window. Faster creation of small face displays.
2.1.6 22nd October 2005 70K Fix for creating applets in remote mode, need to give the filer long enough to notice the widget was created. Use apsymbols for Linux portability. Made alarm windows sticky. Update for ROX-CLib changes. Alarms are show in the system tray. Can get ROX-CLib via 0launch.
2.1.7 18th March 2006 72K Added Zero Install injector feed. Added i18n support. Remove deprecated call. Fix problem with drawing alarm symbol far too small when panel initializing. Cast strings passed to/from libxml to avoid compiler warnings.


Stephen Watson