ROX-CLib is a library for C programs that are part of the ROX Desktop. Many programs available from this site require this library to be present. You can also use it to create your own ROX programs.


Copy to a suitable place, such as ~/lib, and make sure it is on your $LIBDIRPATH. If you use Archive to extract it from then downloaded archive then make sure you rename it to ROX-CLib.

Compile using ROX-CLib/AppRun --compile

Zero Install

ZeroInstall is a way of running programs without the need to install them. If you are a user of ZeroInstall then you can run ROX-CLib via when using the injector.



Version Release date Size Changes
1.0.0 Sat 7th December 2002 143K Stable release.
2.0.0 17th January 2004 220K Added ToDo file, stable release.
2.0.1 9th October 2004 220K Fixed hostname handling for drag and drop.
2.1.0 7th April 2004 Set the default icon for windows from the .DirIcon. Include path changed. Added XDG base dirs (rox/basedir.h). Added Shared MIME database interface (rox/mime.h). Added rox_soap_server_add_actions().
2.1.1 12th May 2004 Avoid SIGSEGV in SOAP code.
2.1.2 4th August 2004 InfoWin is now ROXInfoWin. Added AppInfo.xml parser. Added mime_handler. rox_run replaced by libdir. Better use of pkg-config.
2.1.3 25th September 2004 Choices system will now use XDG base directories if you set the environment variable ROX_USE_XDG_DIRS=1. Fix bug in rox_path.c that broke drag and drop when the URIs contained hostnames (reported by Nick Mitchell).
2.1.4 22nd November 2004 Added uri.h and rox_uri_launch(). Added window counting. Added rox_choices_load() and rox_choices_save(). Also rox_init_with_domain() to make use of the new features.
2.1.5 7th May 2005 Renamed 'Options' to 'Options.xml' and accept "True" as a synonym for "1" when loading options to be compatible with ROX-Lib2. Use apsymbols.h if available to reduce problems re-using binary on different Linux distros.
2.1.6 22nd October 2005 Added system tray interface. Using doxygen to document the library. Changes to build system to integrate with the Zero Install injector. Many functions renamed to have a rox_ prefix. Many types renamed to have a ROX prefix. Added local feed for Zero Install injector.
2.1.7 22nd October 2005 Missed updating the version number in two places.
2.1.8 13th March 2006 423K Begun general error handling framework, now used by rox_soap and rox_filer_action. Added extension area for GtkSavebox. Direct support for Firefox when launching URI. Marked many strings as translatable. Framework for i18n now in place. Added options --env and --pkg-config and made strings in pkg.c translatable.
2.1.9 24th November 2006 557K Added menu API. Add note to documentation of rox_systray_send_message(). General clean up to remove most compilation warnings. Added extended attribute support. Added 0compile support. Fixed translation of Options window.
2.1.10 13th October 2006 601K Updated URI handling to use new shared configuration. Improved system tray interface. Updated 0compile build script to ensure working appdir is writable.


Stephen Watson