Nethack 3.3.1 for RISC OS

Nethack is a highly addictive computer roleplay/strategy game. It will run on anything that can support an 80x25 character display and a sane C compiler, so naturally I had to port it.

This is release 3 of my port (5th January 2001). It requires a filing system which supports long file names and >77 files per directory, so you'll need RISC OS 4 and a disc formatted to F+ or something like !raFS.

It has been tested on my RPC610/SA RO4.02 system and a RPC710/SA RO3.7 raFS system. As with all free software THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Here is the autogenerated file describing the compiled in options:

    NetHack version 3.3.1

Options compiled into this edition:

    color, debug mode, Elbereth, experience points on status line,
    insurance files for recovering from crashes, Keystone Kops, log file,
    news file, redo command, rogue level, saddles and riding,
    screen clipping, seduction, sinks, terminal capability library, tourists,
    walled mazes, zero-compressed save files, basic NetHack features.

Supported windowing systems:

    traditional tty-based graphics,
    with a default of tty.

Yes, I know 3.4 is out. No, I'm not going to port it. My RISC PC is retired (not quite in the Bladerunner sense).




If you have !UnixHome installed (used by the Lynx port amongst others) you should note that it defines UnixEnv$TERM which overrides the setting off TERM in !NetHack.!Run. !NetHack generates an error message referencing xterm-vt220.

Either comment out the UnixEnv$TERM, or find a termcap entry for xterm-vt220.

Choosing a name for the character

You need to edit !NetHack.!Run to change LOGNAME. To have the program prompt each time for the name set:

     Set LOGNAME ""
     Set Unix$uid 65534

Got my mojo working
- Muddy Waters

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