Some programs/fonts for RISC OS machines

Here are a few small things for downloading:
Filer_Edit (2699 bytes)
A small basic program to load non-text files into a text editor. This one crops up every so often on comp.sys.acorn.programmer so I thought I'd put it here
KillTask (1954 bytes)
Small program to kill named tasks
Glorantha font (29Kbytes)
Outline font of Gloranthan runes (including all from RQIII book, all in Gods of Glorantha, the Lunar death rune variant and the ones from The Book Of Drastic Resolutions.) It doesn't include the new Hero Wars versions.
It includes a Glorantha.Carved variant for those who prefer their runes to look as if they've been carved in stone. (Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with it, !FontEd crashes although the font works perfectly!)
The archive is now in zip format and contains what might be Type 3 versions of the font.
!NPC (24Kbytes)
RISC OS program to generate RuneQuest III non-player characters.
DeDigest (51 Kbytes)
Program to split mailling list digests into individual articles. Uses Newsbase.
This is version 0.47h, 7 June 1998
!SendMany (14Kbytes)
A RISC OS program to send multiple files to a single recipient, using NewsBase.
This is version 0.04
A RISC OS program to monitor the serial port and perform actions available via the OS_SerialOp call.
The archive is 17K. Version 0.10 Feb 1998
Various small programs
A few small utilities that live in my library directory.
Sets up a code variable to hold the current directory. Setting this variable changes directory.
Makes the CLI prompt contain the current directory, using pwd above.
Command to list application and module processes
Gives details on current screen mode
Echos its argument as a canonical path, so that which @ echos the CSD and which run:which will echo the path to the which command.
The syntax for this is WhenIdle command. command is the command to execute. WhenIdle waits for a period of idleness, roughly five to six seconds, before executing the command.
I use this to postpone parts of my boot sequence at work. Programs that take a while to initialise are only run when the desktop is idle, e.g. setting up the NFS printer which I never need straight away.
The archive is about 5K
Simple viewer for the Global Clipboard. 0.03, 1 April 1998
URL List
Remembers URL requests when offline and can re-broadcast them when online.
Version 0.33, 22nd March 2000
Lets you double click on Java class files to run them.
Version 0.02, September 1998

Email transport for the RISC OS NetWare client.

Version 0.20, August 2000


Program to announce new articles for Messenger Pro.

Version 0.03, 10 October 2000.

Nethack 3.3.1 for RISC OS

This has been moved to its own section.

These have been archived by SparkFS by David Pilling. A free dearchiver (SparkPlug) is available from most Acorn FTP sites.

Some browsers may try to render the archives as text files so be sure to download to file.

I'd just like to point out that any apparent flaws in my programs are in fact deliberatly placed there for reasons that no human mind, except my own, could possibly comprehend. So There.

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Author: Stephen Watson
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