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Urox is a son of Umath and half-brother to Orlanth.

When Urox was young he trained with his brother Humakt in Kargan Tor's court, but whereas Humakt fought with skill, Urox fought with anger. When the Storm Age came Urox aided Orthanth in bringing down the reign of Yelm, slaying foes with his massive rage. Amongst his victories are the conquering of Lodril and the driving of Valind far to the north.

It was when Chaos came that Urox found his true vocation, saving Orlanth at the first battle against chaos, and grinding the traitor Ragnaglar into the filth of Dorastor. Orlanth send him to aid Genert at Ernalda's behest and although he could not save him, Urox became the protector of Genert's people. He slew many chaos gods in the ruins of Genert's Garden, now called Prax, before finally slaying the devil and sending its soul to hell where Orlanth waited for it.

Followers of Urox, called Storm Bulls, are dedicated fighters of chaos and have been in the forefront of the great fights against chaos.

Cultists know that when they die Urox will come for their souls personally to take them to the great battle against chaos that still rages at the edge of the world.

Funeral rites follow those of the local Orlanth cult.

The runes of this god are Death, Air and Beast.


Urox is the Foe of Chaos. He hates all things of chaos and destroys them with a murderous fury.

Uroxi berserkers live to fight chaos. If there is no chaos to fight they usually drink and fight each other.

The cult's High Holy Day is Wildday, Stasis week, Storm season.


The cult of Urox is small, except in Prax where it is a major warriors cult. Elsewhere it functions as a subcult of Orlanth, taking those with a particular hatred of chaos.

Normally only a few Urox can be found amongst a clan, the number depends on the local chaos threat. In places like Dorastan Risklands the cult may even operate independent of the Orlanth cult.

Independent temples of Urox are rare, shrines in the local Orlanth temple are more common. Some places with a mythic connection with Urox, such as a great victory over chaos, might support a major temple, especially if a chaos threat remains. Shrines teach Impede Chaos. The cult is nominally subservient to the local Orlanth cult. In practice this does not extend much past the Orlanth cult pointing out the nearest chaos nest that needs wiping out. Within the cult each initiate owes loyalty to the Bulls Head that initiated him, who in turn owes loyalty to Urox himself.

It is said that in Prax Urox is worshipped by nomads with no allegiance to Orlanth!


To join the cult of Urox requires that the candidate not be tainted by chaos, that he be an initiate of Orlanth (or Vinga), that he be armed with magic or weapons, that he be willing to follow the orders of his Bulls Head, and that he pass the initiation tests. The tests are: Any Attack, Any Attack or Parry, Scan, Search and Ceremony.

Initiates may leave the Bull's Head, but must return when called. They are required to investigate any hints or rumours of chaos personally. They are not required to attack chaos if obviously out classed or numbered, but must return as soon as possible with sufficient strength. If the initiate becomes tainted with chaos, he must undertake suicide missions without rest until purified by death. They are diven by their Sense Chaos skill which automatically succeds against themselves The initiate will be provided with food, weapons and magic if lacking in any of these. The Bull's Head will provide additional items at his discresion.

Initiates gain the skill of Sense Chaos. They may sacrifice for Uroxi divine magic, and Orlanthi divine magic on a one-use basis.

Spirit Magic: Detect Enemies, Dispel Magic, Fanaticism, Heal, Protection.


Bull's Heads are beserker masters, killing machines, so skilled that they ignore ordinary laws. They are the cults war leaders and priests. A candidate for Bull's Head must have a 90% weapon attack, know Heal 4, and have 90% skill in 4 of the following: a second Attack, Ride, March, Scan, Search, Sense Chaos, Shield Parry, Track.

Bull's Heads must give 90% of their time and money to the cult and ensure their initiates form a viable fighting force.

Common Divine Magic: all

Special Divine Magic: Beserker, Command Sylph, Face Chaos, Impede Chaos, Shield.


Sense Chaos (Perception 05%)
See River of Cradles


Face Chaos 1 point
ranged, temporal,nonstackable, reusable
See River of Cradles
Impede Chaos 1 point
ranged, temporal,nonstackable, reusable
See River of Cradles


Spirit of Reprisal: One-Ear

Attacks any who leave the cult and any chaos-tainted member who lives too long. One-Ear has 2d6+12 magic, and ignores all defensive magic, and breaks off if reduced to 6 magic points or less. If One-Ear wins the spirit steals away all cult skills and divine magic. If the offender is chaotic then One-Ear resumes the attack, destroying the targets POW.


Chalana Arroy
Gives Cure Chaos Wound.
Gives Heal Body.
Gives Flight.
Gives Cloud Call.
Zorak Zoran
Gives Fear.


This is an adaption of the River of Cradles write up of Storm Bull, modified for the smaller cult outside of Prax. Note that an initiate must belong to Orlanth first (or Vinga if female), no Praxian cults give associated spells and some other associated cults give different spells.

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